Back In The Day

Story Behind The Song

Looking back to how things were "back in the day" with fondness.

Song Description

This song takes a familiar expression to convey happy memories about how things used to be "Back In The Day"

Song Length 3:36 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Gracious Subject History, Past, General
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, George Strait Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Back in the Day
┬ęGreg Lambert 2010
We go back a long, long way
To another time; another place
Long before everything turned gray
Back in the day

Our TV's were black and white
Wrong was wrong, right was right
We left our doors unlocked at night
Back in the day


We had more time to play
Long drives on Sunday
In our schools we could pray
Back in the day

We go back to another time
Yours was yours, mine was mine
We took home more of our pay
Back in the day


We go back a long, long way
To another time, another place
We moved fast at a slower pace
Back in the day

I really like the intro with the duet of the guitar and mandolin. All instruments are well played. The mix is nice and the vocal is up front and clear. The vocalist seems to sound like, as he sings the song, he's tired. Perhaps of all the stuff that has caused him to sing about Back In The Day.

I love everything about this tune, great story, the guitars sound awesome, great recording, I wish I could get mine to sound that good. you must have some good gear. vocals are really sincere and on key. well done!!!

Good hook, nice arrangement works well

Love the songwriting, even if the politics makes me crazy!Back in my school we could pray, but it as usually not to be beaten to a pulp! Anyway... its a well crafted and beautifully sung song.

This song reminds me of Tim McGraw's Back When. You did a good job capturing that nostalgic feel. I was tapping my feet to that bluegrassy country instrumentation. I liked it.

I like the subject matter and the music that it is set to. Very good job! It sounds like it would fit in to a Americana radio stations rotation very well.

Very nice! I can imagine this tune in a film absolutely! Nice clear recording. Smmple beautiful guitars and harmonies. No need for more instrumentation here, it works!!

Beautiful instrumentation. Heartfelt delivery of the vocals, very believable. Nice harmonies. The mandolin and guitar work is very nice.

I like this song... and the lyrics are flowing, uplifting, and feel home like.

very nice concept I like the story and accostic instruments

After reviewing a few other songs prior to this one that Greg Lambert submitted, I am now so proud to hear "Back in the Day". This song gave me chills in hearing the instrumentation and professional work that dressed up the song with a touch of Bluegrass Americana. With Greg's voice matching the feeling, the song was wonderful listening to over & over again. Thank you very much for allowing me to review "Back in the Day".


I'm old enough to remember leaving our door open and that was in Dublin in the 70's - how things have changed! Love the sentiment of this song and the instrumentation is fantastic. Was humming this song for quite a while after hearing it. Great job

Very nice tune. Well recorded, sung and played. Even if one doesn't agree with everything stated, it's thought provoking.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Greg Lambert / Railroad Trax Productions Publisher Greg Lambert
Performance Phillip Moore / Railroad Trax Productions
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