Story Behind The Song

After having come through a very difficult period in my life I sat down one afternoon and with my guitar on my lap and my MIDI sequencer at my fingertips, this song emerged.

Song Description

Without the intense heat of the potters kiln, no matter how good we appear at the time, we will become dry, easy to crumble with the slightest bump and when storms come and dump their waters, we will be washed away. But if we go through the ?fire of adve

Song Length 5:12 Genre Pop - Religious, Latin - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English



Come Holy Spirit move
Upon this heart of clay
Come living water flow
Soften me to your ways

Heart on the Potter?s wheel
Clay in the master?s hand
Make me a vessel strong
So through the fire I?ll stand

Hallelujah! To your glory I aspire
Hallelujah! Through the molding through the fire

ven Espiritu
Moldéa este Corazón
de barro

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Bob Ayala Publisher Creation Heart Music
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