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Written in the mid 1970?s when the ?name it and claim it? prosperity doctrine was in full swing in America. The line about trusting God for your Lear Jet was quite literally preached at a church I found myself at in my touring years. As I shared about a

Song Description

Positive Confession addresses some bad doctrine that had become prevalent in the 70's

Song Length 3:01 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



You got your new suit, your two story house and your Cadillac
Somehow I miss the connection between faith and where you?re at
I know you think that He promised you the American dream
But I don?t need 20/20 to see through the fallacy

I?d like to take you to Russia or even to Bangladesh
I know some Christians they?ll show you that gain isn?t godliness
Go there and preach your prosperity and see just how far you get
There?s people starving while your trusting God for your Lear jet

Where ever you keep your treasure
That is where your heart will be
Your camel?s loaded with pleasure
But will he fit through the eye of a needle

Sometimes you give me the feeling that God is a Santa Claus
You?re pulling scripture your making it say what ever you want
Well I?m not pulling my punches ?cause there?s far too much at steak
Evangelical materialist it?s a heartbreak
Oo ?cause I love you anyway

Note: From ?Journey? 1980 Myrrh Records.

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Buddy King Publisher Creation Heart Music
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