Story Behind The Song

We live in an era where it is acceptable, maybe even fashionable to be searching for ?truth? and or God?as long as you don?t find it or Him. The poor soul who says they have found truth, real absolute truth as apposed to ?relative truth? i.e. ?my truth,?

Song Description

?Journey? is about a search?my search for truth?and ultimately God

Song Length 4:27 Genre Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1980 - 1989



I was just a boy in love with fantasy
Caught up in the dream they called reality
But in Dallas late one fall
When the motorcade was stalled
I was woken from my sleep by the guns of tragedy

So I set out in search of truth although I must confess
I got caught up in the web of my own loneliness
And truth could wait a while
Till I could find the smile
That could bring some kind of meaning to the word happiness

And I knew someone, but her smile I can?t remember
And I found that I could be so cruel and not so tender
Now I never bargained to find the truth about myself
And it was getting harder to get along with someone else

Music was the drug that made me feel so fine
Till a friend gave me the something he said could change my mind
I swear that I could see
Those childhood fantasies
Still I was no closer to the truth I?d hoped to find

Lost, alone, adrift I thought I?d always be
Like the captain of a sinking ship in a raging sea
And I was going down
Thought I was going to drown
Till a fisher of men reached out his hand to me

And he told me how the truth became flesh and dwelt among us
And His name was Jesus and He died that he might save us
Now I?ve heard the laughter that says it?s all a fantasy
But I found it?s better than existential misery
Now I?m a believer?I?m a believer in Jesus
I?m a receiver?I?m a receiver of Jesus

Note: from ?Journey? Myrrh Records 1980

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Buddy King Publisher Creation Heart Music
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