Story Behind The Song

Incest was a very difficult subject to tackle in the context of a song. This is the story of a friend I knew in Texas. Although it took years to heal the many years of abuse she suffered, faith in Christ was such an important part of that healing proces

Song Description

This song is about incest and how a relationship with Jesus Christ can help heal that most personal of pains.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English



Oh dancing dream, oh wildflower
You sure can make them cry
That kind of walk, that certain smile
Designed for hungry eyes
You say your heart will never be broken, ?because you?ve got a heart of steel
You used to live, now you survive
A childhood dark affair
Memories, oh Daddy please
Please don?t touch me there
And now you use your body like a weapon
Shot from a heart of steel
But a heart to hard to be broken
Is a heart too hard to be healed?
Till you find a love that?s real
You?ll carry a heart of steel

The pain was too much
Oh the fear and the shame of that dreadful touch
Helpless child under attack
Well, you?re older now so fighting back
Though you try to forget, well you find you can?t

Oh dancing dream, oh wildflower
Hear me if you can
I?ve seen your shame, I?ve engraved your name
Right here upon my hands
And I call to you can you hear me
Give me your heart of steel
?Cause a heart that?s too hard to be broken,
Is a heart that?s to hard to be healed
So give me your heart of steel
I?ll give you a love that?s real

Lyrics Bob Ayala Music Bob Ayala
Producer Bill Maxwell Publisher Creation Heart Music 1985
Performance ASCAP Label Creation Heart Records
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