The Dawn of Emotions

Story Behind The Song

I wrote each part of this piece at different times in my life, when I was is different emotional states. They were probably all going to be seperate songs until I decided to piece it together and compose a piece that would compile my feeling of the previo

Song Description

If you listen to each segment in this composition you will hear the changes will gear toward different emotional states. Happiness, fear, anger, excitement, anxiety. Maybe you will relate some of your own.

Song Length 5:03 Genre Classical - Classical, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Floating

You are one very talented pianist and arranger...I love every movement of this piece...masterfully done...You've given a music supervisor a lot of options for placement in a movie or television show as a feature or as background as well as a great soundtrack for commercials...Luxury cars, perfume, diamonds, romance, etc....great technique and interpretation...I'm very impressed

I love this! I chose to review classical tonight because I wanted to listen to something beautiful before I turned of my computer for the night and Yay, I got your lovely song. Impeccably composed and played...with feeling! The whole nine yards...I loved it. I'm not a classical music snob but I know quality music when I hear it. Every movement in the song carries the listener along into the various moods. I love the way you play with passion. I love the lower end stuff. It really gives the composition body and depth. Very well thought out!

Music Brian Mathew Taylor Producer Brian Mathew Taylor
Performance Brian Mathew Taylor
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