To the bone

Story Behind The Song

I was just sick and tired about the heinous atrocities this dude's crude ideology afflicted to the world.

Song Description

The song is about the "prophet" Mohammed

Song Length 7:09 Genre R & B - Religious, Blues - Gospel
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Outraged, Annoyed Subject Religion
Similar Artists Leo Kottke, Dire Straits Language English
Era Before 1600



Way down in Africa at the waters of the Nile
Mahmud had a visit from an angel sorta wild
Mahmud thought that AllahÂ?d expressed to him his moan
IÂ?m all sick and tired ( he said ) TO THE BONE

Â? Â?sup Mohammed Â? said a voice from the cloud
Â? on your knees , do I have to spell it out !
40 days desert beach , a skin coppertoned
Made you all sick and tired TO THE BONE

Raise ole Mohammed , take an iron rod with you
I send you to the heathen all the way down south SU
DonÂ?t be afraid , I wonÂ?t leave you all alone
When youÂ?re all sick and tired TO THE BONE Â?

Mahmud drank that crud with a little batch of booze
Made up a posse out of men he could use
Took it down to South - Sudan , from the voice his head would drone
He was all sick and tired TO THE BONE

Mahmud that old crook , thatÂ?s the longueur of my song ,
Till the end of his days , he thought , he never could be wrong
He drenched his worlds colour with a reddish purple tone
Made Â?em all sick and tired TO THE BONE

Now Mahmud with a vengeance spew religion in their midst
Took men into captivity , made slaves out of their kids
Did everything exactly the way he was shown
The man was all sick and tired Â?guess what

The day he took heed to that angels voice
The minute that he vowed to pass it on to his boys
The second he left town to do for what heÂ?s known
Makes me all sick and tired TO THE BONE

Richard Grünert , Schillerstr. 15, 35582 Wetzlar, phone # 0049 641 4418207,

Lyrics Richard Grünert Music Richard Grünert
Producer Richard Grünert
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