Adulate lovesongs

Song Length 5:54 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Dysfunctional Relations



Some will say I was wrong ,
Some will say I was damn? right
I?ll be out on my own
Leave those mountains behind

I can?t understand why
You hide your eyes when you?re crying
Ain?t them tears for relief ( or )
Is that waterfall lying

I could drown in that rain ( and )
Still don?t understand pain
Only feel once I?m hurt
Merely moved by compassion

I grew cold in a world
That would give me no answers
Sometimes vision gets blurred
By descrying the wrong one

Separate right from wrong
Catch the meaning thereon
Can?t you turn window stains

I could drown ?

Like a prisoners chain
Memories all around me
Cold as that shackle?s steel
Are them fingers I feel

Since I know I would die
This two-bit land makes me cry
Now it?s time to go home ( and )
Kiss my whole world good-bye

I could drown ?

Copyright: Richard Grünert, Schillerstr.15, 35582 Wetzlar, 0049-641-4418207,

Lyrics Richard Grünert Music Richard Grünert
Producer Richard Grünert Performance Richard Grünert
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