Separate Roads

Song Description

With acoustic piano and a separate Rhodes track. Smooth and real comfortable.

Song Length 5:41 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cool Similar Artists Pat Metheny, Elton John
Era 2000 and later

Nothing like the sound of a Rhodes. Everything here is outstanding. You have done a terrific job on this song. Great piece, Great composition. I was waiting for a key change and a very noticeable break in the song and you certainly did not disappoint. Bravo!

Fabulous keys and drum programming - lovely laid back piece. I love the rich warm sound of the whole track. Musically I could hear someone like Al Jarreau singing over it.

Cool groove. Can definitely hear this in a movie or show. Professional musicianship. Drums create a great vibe. Changes are great! Piano is pro! Nice job!

A nice song, enjoyed it from the beginning. The contrasting sections are noteworthy, loved the piano & the whole vibe. Great instrumentation.

Great recording. Nice groove. Nice keyboard solo.

Like the mood of this track. I can definitely hear it as cue music to a TV/Movie scene. I'm not sure this is the direction on intention, but it could definitely work in that space. The neo-soul Rhodes sound is really what gives this track it's color and character.

Music Billy Pilgrim Producer Billy Pilgrim | Pilgrimusic (c) 2014
Performance Billy Pilgrim
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