Story Behind The Song

This song is dedicated to the families affected by the Station Club fire.

Song Description

Song Length 4:58 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving, Depressing
Subject Heaven, Spirituality


8. Star 4:58
(William Manchester)

Verse 1:
Well I know that the road is long, but I can still see your face, I remember the times that we shared, talk of our hopes and our fears, no there?s no replacing you. Now tell me are you happy where you are, and do you still remember me, because when these nights they seem so long and I feel I can?t go on, I can feel you by my side.

Oh I know that you?re a star, shining down on me and I can feel your light, keeping me safe at night, you helped me to be everything I am and I know that you live on deep inside my heart.

Verse 2:
I can still hear your voice, I feel your laughter when I close my eyes, they say someday that this pain will fade, but I?m afraid to let it go, afraid of feeling left behind,

Verse 3:
Even though these photos start to fade, never will that smile from your face, no one knew me quite as well as you and it?s strange but it?s true, I see you everywhere I go.

Very touching piece, written with a lot of soul. Instrumentation and arrangement are very professional sounding. Just an overall really good and well-written song. The guitar around the 5 minute mark adds a really good touch.

* great lead vocal ; has depth and character
* lyric has a universal "tribute" appeal
* arrangement/instrumentation well-done throughout
* overall mix and production quality is excellent
* This has Big Southern Rock Anthem Feel

Lyrics Bill Manchester Music Bill Manchester
Producer Bill Manchester Publisher Bill Manchester
Performance Bill Manchester Label Bill Manchester
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