Story Behind The Song


Song Length 5:20 Genre Rock - General, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Diplomatic, Moving
Subject Pride, Country, Nation


Represent/Freedom 9-11-01 5:20
(William Manchester)

Verse 1.
There you stood, in all your glory, built by the hands of man,
you?ve come to represent, what we can do, now that you?re gone,
we need to understand, if we?ll pull through, your spirits
live on, deep inside our hearts, souls and minds

Now is the time, to stand for what is true
This is your place, you?ve got to represent
You?ve got to understand, it?s worth fighting for
To let freedom ring, Oh to every shore
Let freedom ring

Verse 2.
There will come a day, when we will build again
this I know, every color of skin, working hand in
hand, no matter who you are, we?re all the same
flesh, blood and bone, just give peace a chance and
let this New World grow

Verse 3.
Not a day will pass, we will remember you
you give us the strength, to live each day to the full
the stars at night, seem to hold your names in their light
so into the hands of God, we entrust all our pain

Lyrics Bill Manchester Music Bill Manchester
Publisher Bill Manchester
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