One Love One Life (Kendra's Song)

Story Behind The Song

Dedicated to the birth of my daughter Kendra.

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Blissful, Welcoming
Subject Joy, Love for Child


One Love One Life (Kendra?s Song) 4:17
(William Manchester)

Verse 1.
No words can explain, the way that I felt that night
When you came into this world so free, I was glad to be
alive and when you looked at me, well I got lost in your eyes
And I wondered what?s going on in your mind, so innocent and sweet

One love, one life and I would pay any price, just to give
you the world on a string, one love, one life

Verse 2.
When you hold my hand and you walk along with me, you look at me like I can do no wrong; it means the world to me
But I know that you?ll grow up and have a life of your own
But whatever road you chose, I?ll always be there for you

Verse 3.
If you ever feel alone, well there?s nothing to fear
Just close your eyes and you?ll see, that I will always be there, and I know there?ll come that day, when I walk you down the aisle and I will proudly give you away, with a tear down my smile

Good start, as the vocals come in straight away.I love the singer's voice-very appealing and quite distinctive. I find the actual voice to be the main attraction of the whole song. Bryan Adams comes to mind. The harmonies are well done, very subtle.The organ is a great addition. The general feel of the song is really good.

Hi! Very nice composition! The sound is amazing and your voice too. Very well done instrumental arrangements. Congratulation and good luck!

Lyrics Bill Manchester Music Bill Manchester
Publisher Bill Manchester
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