One Chance

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - General, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood In High Spirits, Sociable
Subject Life, Philosophy


One Chance
(3:59 William Manchester)

Vs. 1

Every minute, every hour, life?s slipping slowly away
I?ve always listened, I?ve always followed, Playing it straight just made a fool of me

Now I?ve tried working, for 40 hours, Tell me what the hell is up with that
All my money, it?s disappearing, Quicker than the hairs on my head


You only get one chance at life
And me I?ll think I?ll try to fly
You only get one chance at life


Now tell me, have you ever wondered, What it would feel like to break all the rules
Now I?m not talking, about anything evil, But I know there?s a few things that you would do
Maybe take a walk, butt naked, go back to work and tell your boss to screw
But there?s one thing, it needs repeating, you only get one chance at life
And what they pay you, it may keep you eating, but don?t let it take away your soul

There?s something burning deep inside
I?ll think I?ll let it take control of me
Gonna spread these wings out and fly
Just see how far that I can go

Very professional sounding piece from start to finish, with a good strong message. Very good arrangement. Great guitar work. Great job.

Lyrics Bill Manchester Music Bill Manchester
Publisher Bill Manchester Performance Bill Manchester
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