Short Story (Folk-Contemporary)

Story Behind The Song

Back in the '60's I was caught up in the great folk music scare; was a member of the "The New Folk Four", the "BMW Group", and also played guitar and upright bass for a few other aspiring groups. This tune is a bow to that tradition, though it doesn't have a "Hook" and is hopefully more contemporary. Bill

Song Length 3:24 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Loneliness, Lost Love
Similar Artists James Taylor Language English
Era 2000 and later


Short Story

Music & Lyrics by: Bill Dake
Copyright 2014 billdakemusic ASCAP

Calispell and Abilene
Pictures in a magazine
Places he could go
Faces he could get to know
Gathers up his travelin' gear
Scratches a note, then disappears
Down a quiet road
Collar up in the morning cold

Met the girl in early spring
Didn't promise anything
Thought his sails were set
No commitment, no regrets
But, time and wind they have a way
Of warming hearts that tend to stray
He'd been lost, but now was found
So he anchored himself to some solid ground
Swore he'd always be around

Seasons changed,
Soon the leaves were gone
Her sweet magic lost
To that old wanderin' song
Knew he should stay
But he had to move on

Instrumental verse

Glances back, just one more look
Pages closed on another book
Hoping he left her
More than he took

In the end, he'll settle down
Find himself some sleepy town
That's where he'll alight
And spend his final days and nights
With dreams of that girl who would hold him tight
Who whispered those words that seemed so right
And he'll curse that morning that he took flight.....

What a lovely song , well performed . Quite enchanting .

nice guitar work, good vocals ,well sung and arranged

Here's a great ballad/story song that has a definite beginning and a sad end. Crystal clear vocals showcase lyrics that could stand alone as a poem, but the artist puts them to music beautifully. This song almost has jazz undertones. Great lyric writing; original rhymes. Love the guitar solo instrumental. The ending of the song leaves the listener hoping for a sequel. Favorite lyric: Collar up to the morning cold. I'm seeing a cowboy...

Very nice presentation and lots of dynamic changes. I really liked the tone on the instruments throughout and the vocal has a John Sebastian-like quality that fits the song.

Really liked this, great soft electric sound with a laid back, late evening feel. really liked the chord modulation to enhance the delivery of the lyric. Well sung and recorded with an airy and open reverb giving the listener a semi live acoustic wrap. Thanks.

lyrics are kind of sad....sounded a little Jazzy to me, instrument wise....did he end up alone? I think he did.

Very pretty song and excellent heart felt lyrics! Excellent instrumentation.

Very nice story song. Like the guitar work. Has an easy-going smooth recording and lush, spacey arrangement. Very unique melody that draws the listener in and captures my attention and keeps it. A very nice song for a movie or TV show with it's free-form, free-flowing atmosphere. Nice job, thanks for sharing......

I like the guitar introduction and the way the song starts - the sound of the drums are very good as well - I also like how the keyboards mellow the song out, very cool lead guitar too. Sounds a little like Steely Dan.

I really liked this track, and can totally see where you are coming from with this. Engaging all the way with some delightful touches.
Especially like the melody/tune direction.

This is certainly unique. Both voice, lyrics and instrumentation seem to shift from one style to another, and strangely enough, the effect is both interesting and very pleasant to listen to. The voice is melodious, even beautiful , but also vulnerable and hesitant and strong in turn. The music starts tentatively, as if the musicians have not quite settled in before one of them starts. I don't think that is intentional, it is the recording, but It is sort of endearing. And then follow surprises in sound and lyrics. I like the eclectic sounds of this a lot.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher billdakemusic
Performance Bill Dake Label none
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