Story Behind The Song

written based on the hungerford massacre in the uk but adapted because of other similar incidents.what makes people do these unforseen atrocities?what makes them crack up?

Song Description

based on similar atrocities about someone cracking up and taking it out on other innocent people.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Europop
Subject Other Language English
Era 2000 and later

The intro is very atmospheric.
I liked the contrast between the verses and choruses.
I like the almost John Lydon-like vocal phrasing in the verses.
The explosion is quite comical at the end!

Definitely original, the verse vocals have grown on me through out the song. The melody is catchy and interesting. I really love the lyrics, and the melancholy vocals work to add to the meaning. It's a good story song too, which is why I've said folk rather than pop, although the backing is "poppy".
The verse starting "Walk Down the street..." is definitely the best vocally as it sounds most believable.

Really nice track and so interesting vocals. Great job.

Lyrics simon besley Music simon besley
Performance Beszo , ronnie griffin
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