Luv Junky

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Singing at me
I hear your sweet
Surrender to me

Picking on me
You came too quick
I thought eternity
Would be

Angel eyes
Flutter around me

Whisper to me
Ejaculate your thoughts
All over me
You?ll see

Passion fruit grew in me
How I felt sweet serenity
Your love has divine
Out with me we dined
Raging like a fire
Storming through my heart
Uttering lips so as to part
You?re rubbed into my skin
Feeling you from deep within
Rippling your senses
Through my spine
Treasure of hope I long to find

Swept back my thoughts
Through my pondering crown
Cringing every breath
I inhale
Trying to deny
A love for sale

Lyrics Baby Music Baby & Colin Simkins
Publisher Gusto Music
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