Black Current

Song Length 3:49 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


A boundary of dreams
Fed into my soul
Laughing at me
Wanting to let go

Never again will I look back
To be thrown in the sack
Why do I deserve this?
Not knowing what of bliss

Swim out to the ocean
Force to ship the emotion
Not much of devotion
Showered with disillusion

Stirred with distasteful
Colors in my heart
Too many times
It been ripped apart

Come rain I?ve tasted the raindrops
Come shine I?ve scorch the heat
Both ways still wasn?t in beat

Rained in my heart and soul
Thought that all was gold
Deep buried inside me
Deep staring at misery

Lyrics Baby Music Baby & Colin Simkins
Publisher Gusto Music
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