Song Length 3:55 Genre Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


chasing you around
only making me frown
in and out of town
toying about the deal
shot me
making me squeal

up the ceiling I get
my eyes again
staring at them
staring into space
lost my grace
for a minute then
till you?re back again
to cause me more pain

alone again
deep inside my heart
torn apart
it gets all the time
don?t deserve this crime
orange taste just like lime

into the light I seek
trying to get a peek
somewhat seems a disturbance call
somehow somewhere
I knew it all

Offbeats drumming
My thoughts
What went round in circles
Terminated at a blink
Didn?t save her
Disappointment let her down

In circles you prefer
Shapes I love you say
I?m standing near don?t go away
Abstracts just visions
Not too black and white
Tasteful fruit forbidden
With delight

Foreign tongue poking at me
Irritating every grief
Pain I gathered
Trusted you
With my heart
Till death do us apart

Lyrics Baby Music Baby & Colin Simkins
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Clean Clean

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