Seems to Me

Song Length 3:40 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Existence Language English


Seems to Me A.Riggs 2002 All rights reserved

The more you know
Well there?s this you can be sure about
With greater understanding
Comes an increase in doubt

Into this universe and why not knowing
And whence like water, willy-nilly flowing
Who can say where we are going?
It seems to me

So on we go
As if knowing what it?s all about
Far from the truth
It?s all inside out

The wheel of fortune, around it goes
And where it stops nobody knows
The fall of the dice is in the throw
It seems to me

I don?t have all the answers
There is no master plan
Of many things I wonder
I think, therefore I am

Lyrics A. Riggs Music A.Riggs
Producer A.Riggs
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