Round and Round

Song Length 3:36 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations Language English


Round and Round A.Riggs 2004 All rights reserved

What do you expect from me?
The things you say ? say what you mean
My heart is like a yo-yo
On the end of a string

First you draw me in
And then you push me away
Come and go, out and in
Up and down, Round and Round

Say you want to be with me
And then you run away
I?ve heard to many excuses
Come to me this time and stay

Sometimes I want to weep and moan
And sometimes sing and shout
All done in, going down
Here we go, Round and Round

Lyrics A. Riggs Music A.Riggs
Producer A.Riggs Performance A.Riggs
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