Hearts of Darkness

Song Description

Influenced by Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness

Song Length 3:57 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Subject Darkness
Language English


Hearts of Darkness © A.Riggs 1993 All rights reserved

Still river flows beneath a leaden sky
Dark jungle grows mystery lurks behind
Under muddy waters deep currents hide
And madness preys on the unsound mind

Chorus: Hearts of darkness, hearts of pain
See the sunshine through the rain
Crazy witch doctor, voodoo dream
Hearts of darkness, never seen

Journey back into prehistoric times
Savage nature strange creatures thrive
Poison arrows, snakes and vines
Survival of the fittest, to stay alive

Cross the river to the other side
The things they said was it truth or lies
Did you find what you wanted or come to learn
That once you?ve left, there is no return

Lyrics A. Riggs Music A.Riggs
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