Swap Meet

Song Length 4:47 Genre Pop - Rock


Swap Meet

Went to a swap meet Sunday - you know the kind I mean
All kinds of people selling - stuff they no longer need
I walked among the tables - upon the fair ground lot
Looked through the books and moldy records
That?s when I had this thought:

chorus: We are all left sifting through what others left behind before

I saw an antique trumpet - some denim bowling shoes (Eight Tracks!)
This stuff was all once treasured ? years ago when it was new
Someone once thought these barbells -- would transform their life
The people trying to sell them ? are hoping you still think they might


And then I saw Lucinda - we?d dated for a while
Some guy was trying to charm her - I saw him make her smile
I?d like to date that salesgirl - it couldn't hurt to try
It would make better fiction - if she once dated Lucinda?s guy

Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2005 Auto Order Music (BMI)

Lyrics Scott Yoho Music Scott Yoho
Publisher Scott Yoho ©2005 Auto Order Music (BMI) Label Dental Records
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