The Wedding Band

Song Length 3:15 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


The Wedding Band words and music by Scott Yoho

Hey! We're the wedding band (x2)

We're just here to play your requests
Your grandma will be elated
The Bunny Hop, The Birthday Song
A waltz or polka
No song can be too dated
We wear tuxedos,
They were clean back when we bought 'em
If music pride is stratified,
The Elks Club is rock bottom

Wedding band, we're the wedding band (x2)

If we don't play some rock and roll,
The bride will leave the ballroom
If we do, her father's checkbook
Screams about the volume
The groom is making rude advances
Towards our female singer
Somehow he thinks we should be
Wrapped around his finger
We play Tequila,
We play Twist and Shout
We do the Hokey Pokey,
We turn ourselves around
That's what it's all about


Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun
Sing boom tererra, we'll have a barrel of fun


Wedding Band, Louie, Louie, ohh
Wedding band, Mattie told Hattie, ahhhh

©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI)

Lyrics Scoitt Yoho Music Scott Yoho
Publisher ©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI) Performance ©1995 Auto Order Music (BMI)
Label Dental Records
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