Everyone's Fault

Song Length 3:13 Genre Pop - Rock


Everyone?s Fault

I failed a test the other day
I got an F when I should have got an A:
The teacher failed to motivate me
My parents didn?t raise me right
The other students brought up the grading curve, and the
Networks broadcast the best shows on study nights

chorus: It?s everyone?s fault but my own [x4]

I blame my folks for bad genetics
When things go wrong in what I do
No failure is my fault
When there?s someone left to sue
(There?s always someone -- who?s left to sue)

Eve said the serpent made her sin
The democrats are targets of republicans:
A guilty man may blame another
Perhaps because his character?s not strong
He'll accuse his family, or movies and TV,
But that isn?t me ? I never do anything wrong


Words and music by Scott Yoho ©2005 Auto Order Music (BMI)

Lyrics Scott Yoho Music Scott Yoho
Publisher ©2005 Auto Order Music (BMI) Label Dental Records
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