Out of This Alive

Story Behind The Song

I began this song in the winter. Everything I was writing lyrically and instrumentally that day was sounding very unoriginal. I had an idea about what I felt but I felt very confined by words. I felt the words were not explaining what I wanted to convey. The wintery weather seems to capture the feeling.

Song Description

The tempo of the song gives it a feeling of uncertainty. The continuous changing chords switch up the mood quite often. The bridge is in half-time and incorporates bouncing strings. The initial feeling of this song sounds upbeat and happy. The minor chords of the chorus reveal a much more unsettled nature. The bridge turns up heat even more.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Restless Subject Regret, Spirituality
Similar Artists John Mayer, Beck Language English
Era 2000 and later


I feel confined to the words on a page stuck inside the walls of my cage.
I think this song could set me free or at least as free as I can be.
I'm trying hard to manage a thought and what I've got it ain't a lot.
All I can do is hope that you, you stay by me, just stay with me.

Its cold outside I can't remember my life.
All has changed but not today.
Will I come out of this alive?
Save me, but not like this, not like this.

The idea is rise and fall crunch it all before I hit a wall.
It's plain as day what's in motion brutal truth is worth knowing.
Rhyme and reason clouds my judgment and whatever I write feels stolen.
All I can do is have faith that you, you'll stand by me come close we'll see.

I can't describe the way I see your face.
The running lines through if I could capture you.
Wouldn't be the same as the way you look today, just stay.
Inspire me but not like this, not like this.

Lyrics Ash St. John Music Ash St. John
Producer Ash St. John/ Andy Keech Publisher Ash St. John
Performance Ash St. John Label Ash St. John
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