Castle Lord.

Story Behind The Song

By the frontier where fantasy met my dream: A lyrical lament of a tin Flute singing and a celtic harp conducting to a medieval sweet air. Those valiant warriors of Castle Lord went to fight and none came back, only the Lord page with his tragic new. And there was no more sunrise and boofons had no reason for laughthing and anymore jump and children did not play and the wind itself was asking for those horses that were gallopinp against him... The whole story succeed on the line where fantasy use to play and even dream.

Song Length 4:43 Genre World - European, Classical - Medieval
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Miserable, Peaceful Subject Life, Pain
Era Before 1600
Lyrics © Antonio Gil Torrens Music © Antonio Gil Torrens
Producer © Antonio Gil Torrens Publisher © Antonio Gil Torrens
Performance © Antonio Gil Torrens


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