I´m living for and of THE MUSIC. I play violin guitar and I considerer myself a band musician cause sincerely I´ve passed throught any possible musical activity on my past.on that way.
Care a lot the structure of my compositions and believe that if a passage can be better performed I´ll wait for a more inspired day.

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But specially unique and plural.


Oldfield-Vangelis-Kitaro-Nicolo Paganini-Hungary fidlers-Franz Lizt-Irish Ballads-Celtic roots.


At the age of seven Antonio lent his voice and his early years to the Monastery of LLuc (Mallorca) as a soloist singer of that choir, little boys dressed of blue, one of the jewels of the mallorcan society and with no doubt the most antique and dear. There he had a classical influence and time to study composition, contrapuntoand become a good violinist and a decent guitarist as he says: "... my voice is my life, need to sing; my violin is a singer too, if one day I can´t sing my violin will do it for me".
Today Antonio is very wellknown on the mediterrenean area as a live performer where as a band musician has been playing on any corner of Balearic Islands, or as a soloist involved on any musical activity. From eighteen century a relevant musician already said there was four ways of music living: Composing, teaching, giving concerts and organizing them. Today we can add records and the incredible internet power. Antonio has been, is, on each one of those wars.
On MP3.COM as STRADIVARIUS / Toni G. he had around 30.000 of his tunes downloaded. On VITAMINIC his song "Gota a Gota" was #1 of the site during weecks...
This said in the name of THE MUSIC.

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