A Single Step

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - Contemporary
Subject Philosophy Language English


A Single Step

Verse 1
Drowning out the darkness
Coming into shade
Make a whole new meaning
Gotta find my way
Feelings out the window, that don't serve me to save
I'm flying, thinking highly
Not scared of my grave
What would we do if we new we could not fail?
What to pursue, what actions would we take?
What we really want is what we really get
A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step
Verse 2
Understand resentment, it's easy if you can
Miss Congeniality, take her by the hand
Keep your heart wide open, she will follow you
Making timid comments, is failure undertook
A combination of French farce
A Tarrantino in the past
It's a choice a definate decision
There is no derision
Verse 3
Making ourselves happy
Feighning restless sleep
Keep the country moving
Even though we weep
Frying in the summer
Exhausted, restless heap
Give yourself a chance man
Take a massive leap
Chorus to end

Lyrics Andrew P Hunt Music Andrew P Hunt
Producer Andrew P Hunt
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