What Were We

Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - General


What Were We?
What were we when we met?
What were we when we first met/
Melrose place, Farmers Marker
You showed me 'round
Was it me when you said
That this time you'd found a dream
Someone I had never been
Was that me?
What were we, when we met?
What were we when we met?
Was it real, when you said
Place in our heart we'd never been
Like two cats that got the cream.
Latin smile, your Latin flair
A brand new smile, for me to wear
Hills and mountains, sweet fresh air
The rolling sea
Our place where dreams can still come true
With experiences new
Is ours a dream we're sleeping through, is this me?
I loved the days when we hiked
Mcarthur Park, Sunset at night
All the past made sense right then, I could see
I'll hold those memories in my hand
And let the love be my friend
'Cause I don't want to pretend

Lyrics Andrew Hunt Music Andrew HUnt
Producer ian Shaw

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