A Place of Surrender

Song Description

Awarness and freedom achieved through experience.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Composed
Subject Will Language English


A Place of Surrender

The way you made me hate you
The way you made me love you
Came so close
Paralysed my mind
My wasted words of reason
Your lazy condemnation
Walking away, stopped me
Loosing myself

The turning point was when I knew
You can't step on my dreams
You can't switch off my dreams

I've found a place, a place where I can go
Deep in my heart, it surrounds my soul
In case you ever ask me
It's a place of surrender

To read your lips I was learning
To find a way to forgiving
And now I'm not
Loosing myself
Time's gone by and I'm thinking
Did I waste all the time I was given
But experience has freed me, I'm not,
Loosing myself, by, loosing my mind

Chorus X 2 to end.

Lyrics Andrew Hunt Music Andrew Hunt
Producer Ian Shaw Performance Andrew Hunt
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