The River

Story Behind The Song

I started out to write a song for my father who was a commercial fisherman and was drowned in the Skeena River while driving home to visit us after tying up his boat in port between trips. His body was washed down the river to the sea and never found. The song grew from there using that as a metaphor for all of our lives and loves - and all the things of the river must return to the sea one day.

Song Description

The "river" is a metaphor for the journey and cycle of life and love. The river runs through it all and one day must return us all to the sea.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Folk - Contemporary, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Relaxed Subject Sadness, General
Similar Artists Sting, Leonard Cohen Language English
Era 2000 and later


The River

Love takes me down
To a place by the river
Where it reaches the ground
And it gathers my tears

And love is a river
That runs from you to me
All the things of the river
Must return to the sea

I met you there
By the shore of the river
The wind in your hair
And your eyes calling me

And love is a river
That runs from you to me
All the things of the river
Must return to the sea

And I say love
Love is a river
That runs
From you to me
And all of the things
Of the river
Must return
To the sea

My love you are gone
Swept away by the river
I'll sing no more songs
And I'll set my heart free

And love is a river
That runs from you to me
All the things of the river
Must return to the sea

C 2010 SOCAN

Written by: Al Hovden
P: 604-737-1308

Lyrics Al Hovden Music Al Hovden
Producer Al Hovden Performance Al Hovden
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