Cupid's Graveyard feat Albert Lee

Story Behind The Song

A little bit of fun about where dumped people go.

Song Description

Lost love and a play on Cupid's Graveyard

Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Alternative, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerless, Mad Subject Bad Love, Lost Love
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins Language English
Era 2000 and later


I went down to Cupid's Graveyard with a letter in my hand
and I stopped to read it just outside the gate
I was met there by the man who sweeps the letters from the path
he said, come in son, before it gets too late

I said just a minute mister, as I read the words she wrote
seems she left me for another now she's gone
with the pieces of my shattered heart still sticking in my throat
I quietly just told him, lead me home
to Cupid's Graveyard
Cupid's Graveyard

As we walked along the rows of tombstones
each side of the path
I was thinking of the things she used to say
from deep down in a hole that he was digging in the earth
he said, I bury one just like you every day

in Cupid's Graveyard etc

All those poison little arrows, all the blood and broken bones in Cupid's Graveyard
where jilted hearts and former lovers find a final home. in Cupid's Graveyard

I said lay me down and leave me here
beneath this willow tree and I'll live or die according to my fate
maybe one day I'll die satisfied when I look up and see my former lover comin' thru that gate

to Cupid's Graveyard etc

all those poison little arrows etc

Cupid's Graveyard etc

Good driving rythem and interesting story and catch line

Lyrics Alex Legg Music Alex Legg
Producer Alex Legg Publisher Alex Legg APRA
Performance Alex Legg, Albert Lee (Gtr) Phil Smith (Bass), Fallon Williams (Drums), Janette Geri (ackup Vox)B Label Alex Legg
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