Anna Lee

Story Behind The Song

In a nutshell it is a story about a guy who loses his true love because he couldn't stay away from the bottle

Song Length 3:05 Genre Rock - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Subject Relationship, Bad Love


Drank a little too much last night
pissed the old lady off again
Just can't seem to get it right
just a fool that never learned to win

I've held some good cards in my hand
but I ain't never seen a royal flush
And once I had a real true love
but I could never do quite enough

If you see my Anna Lee
please tell her I'm doing alright
And if you see my Anna Lee
tell her I think of her from time to time

Woke up this morning late this afternoon
pissed the old lady off again
She said you'll be out on your ass soon
if you don't stay away from that gin

Lyrics Adam Strelow Music Adam Strelow, Justin Bell
Producer Justin Bell

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