Lost My Mind

Song Length 2:43 Genre Rock - Americana, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Our eyes met on a lonely night
two hearts trying to win the fight
against the troubles of the past

I smiled at you and you smiled at me
both of us thinking maybe
we could help each other through the night

I fell in love and you made a friend
I swore that wouldn't happen again
but here I am again

So if you see me standing outside your window, and if I call a thousand times, don't worry I haven't quite gone crazy, but I sure as hell have lost my mind, yeah I sure as hell have lost my mind

Oh the things I love about you
your big ole heart, your shoulder tattoo
the way you laugh until you cry

So many things I'm gonna miss
the touch of your hand the taste of your kiss
the way you made me a better man

Our eyes met on a lonely night

Rocking country in the Toby Keith mode, gritty guitars and a nice buildup to a big sound. Nice breakdown about 2 minutes in, solid guitar solo. Good thought put into arrangement, rockin overall.

Lyrics Adam Strelow Music Adam Strelow
Producer Justin Bell

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