Rebuilding my dreams

Story Behind The Song

This is a snapshot of life two years after the break-down of an engagement; the singer knows that that is enough time to have moved on in some ways but not enough time to have got quite everything sorted.

Song Description

Ballad for voice, string quartet and piano

Song Length 3:13 Genre Pop - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists The Carpenters Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I've rebuilt most of my life
Since you went away.
I'm always busy, me
Always round lots of friends
But they don't always see...

I've achieved a lot since then,
New path, new goals
But where I stumble and fall
Is rebuilding my dreams.

Brick follows brick,
How hard can it be
To believe the promises
Once spoken for me?
But they stick in my throat
And throat and taunt me.
Praise floats by as if for somebody else:
Not me now,
It couldn't be me now,
There's nothing left.

I've moved on and so have you,
Though I don't care to know;
The only way I'd see you now
Is on your bended knee
And that will never be.
I'm not out for revenge;
No, all I really want
Is peace of mind
And to believe again in love.

All dreamers know
That dreams can implode
And there's wreckage all around until the clean-up begins.
And then brick follows brick
Just give me time
To believe the promises
Once spoken for me.
Yes, me now
Look at me now
I'm ready to try.
Yes, me now
Look at me now
I'm ready to fly.

Lyrics Abigail Frymann Music Abigail Frymann
Producer Adrian Conroy Publisher Abigail Frymann
Performance Abigail Frymann
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