(I thought you'd always) be there

Story Behind The Song

I lost my mum when I was 15, in an accident on holiday. I've been thinking about it more again recently, while following the ongoing ordeal of Madeleine McCann's family in Portugal.

Song Description

A song about realising what kind of gap someone close to you leaves in your life when they're gone. There are all kinds of reasons for loss and I'd hope anyone can hook into this. This is a bare bones offering.

Song Length 3:35 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject General Language English


(I thought you'd always) be there

1. Who would be my staunchest ally
Find the words of my defence
Who would tell me if I aimed too high or low?
Who would drive me mad with prying
Who would see when I'd been crying
Read the pieces of my life to me like prose?

I thought you'd always be there x2
That's something I took for granted
Like breathing in air

2. I have lived without your limits
Aimed too high and aimed too low
You weren't there to narrate who I've become
I was so far off from ready
I'm sure you'd say the same for you
There was so much more to live, more to be done.

And I've tried not to aim this at him
But I want him to know that's it's true.

I have looked but I can't see you
Shout and scream but just can't hear you
Win the approval that I never craved before.
And they may not really get it,
Why I still go on about you
That's okay, you know, I don't hold that against them.

It'd be a different story
If you were here with me.
Beyond my imagination
It's well within my dreams.

© Abigail Frymann 2007

Lyrics Abigail Frymann Music Abigail Frymann
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