Princess (You take me to another world)

Song Description

A ballad about what happens when love gets you dreaming about where it could take you, and the frustration of your lover not understanding that excitement. As yet a bare bones offering.

Song Length 4:21 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Subject Relationship
Language English


Princess (You take me to another world)

1. You wave, I start the car and head home.
Rain falls, the engine stalls, I?m alone.
Routine returns, suburban same old same old
Only minutes ago, I?d been far away.

I am only, I am princess
When I?m lying by your side.
And I dream there, and I fly there,
And you take me to another world.

2. ?Hi, I?m home.? No one replies, that?s nothing new.
I bolt the door like all smart women do.
If living alone greets me with mantle of grey.
Only hours ago, I?d been dressed in gold.

It's not that I languish without you.
My friends and I, we're not dumb.
But Baileys and ice cream don?t do it for me
When sweetness lies ... in your arms.


3. Chores command me to resist my bed.
Lie down finally, with aching head.
Not just my ageing PJs help keep out the cold.
Shut my eyes to recall ? well you know where I?ll go ...

© Abigail Frymann 2004

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