Summer Evening

Song Length 3:24 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Moving


Summer evening

I see the sunlight piercing through the clouds,
I feel the night is drifting in.
A flock of sparrows flying high and proud,
just let me take a look within.

At the threshold of a tall dark ruin,
I stand alone and hear your name.
While trying to recall your photograph,
I press my forehead against the window pane,
the broken window pane.

We'd see the daylight change and turn to black
and speak in whispers at the end of each day,
and light the candles, as I now look back,
recalling why you went away.

As I reached to touch you once again,
I saw your sadness and despair.
And as your tears fell like the summer rain,
we both just simply stood and stared,
we stood alone and stared.

This summer evening with its silent moves,
the heat and trembling of the air,
revives these memories hidden deep in me,
I realize how much I cared,
how much I really cared.

Very pretty and nice piece with a lot of soul in the lyrics and a good arrangement. Instrumental interludes are very good. Voice is intriguing, putting me to mind some of Harry Chapin.

Lyrics Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till) Music Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till)
Producer Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till) Publisher Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till)
Performance Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till) Label Alice Tilly Zuidema (Till)
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