Song Length 5:16 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Peaceful
Language English Era 2000 and later



The whispering of curtains on a midnight breeze,
The ever slightly shivering of the outside trees.

The passing of your unseen lips upon my empty pillow,
The shadowed river now caressed by the weeping willow.

On the nape of my neck I feel your sweet warm breath,
Yet my love, you left me (love) to run away with death.

The cold of swirling mists they come, take wing and then they go.
The soft form of you billowing is in my candle's glow.

Is it you just dropping in or maybe passing by?
Perhaps a fleeting feeling gone, before my very eyes?

The voice of love that I still hear in deepest twilight dreams.
Is this just missing you, my love , within ethereal schemes?

The wispy cloud-lets breaking , so free from God's tight reins,
The footsteps in my hall I hear, my ear awaits and strains.

Those warm arms that embrace me in the dead of the night,
Are empty, yet those missing arms still hold me near and tight.

A fragment of my reverie, your life I loved - now gone -
left what behind? A sense, a breath? a feeling - distant song?

Just a nuance, as a feather fleets - it came and softly flew.
But I know deep down you're with me
I know it's really you......

Beautiful piece with unbelievably great lyrics that really grab you. This is like a really good mix of Simon and Garfunkel and Gordon Lightfoot.

Lyrics Sue Lobo / Till Music Till
Producer Till Publisher Till
Performance Till

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