Story Behind The Song

What it does to a person when illness strikes...

Song Length 3:29 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Mad Subject Diseases, Anger
Language English Era 2000 and later



Cruel Illness, I defy you,
I'll not give in, I will stay true
to my own self and to my pride;
it's my mind and I'll decide
when it's time for my defeat
though in the end I know you'll cheat.

I'm wounded by a mortal dart,
not in mind - nor in my heart.
Symptoms cannot always seem to hide
but I am still myself inside,
full of love and happiness;
though I am ill - I am not less.....I am not less!

Heartless nature struck the blow,
I am off balance and I am slow
but not of speech and I - I defy
the thought of weakness and I deny
that it stole my self and soul,
it's my movement that pays .... a toll

Very strong and emotional lyrics, with great terminology. Something many of us must face, yet few songs seem to be written about it, which adds greatly to its originality. Musically solid, yet not sensational, which it shouldn't be, because often the theme must overshadow the music.

Lyrics Birthe N.Myers Music Till
Producer Till Publisher Birthe & Till
Performance Till Label Birthe & Till

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