Song Length 2:59 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Cruel
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Heartbreak Language English


No love lost
AInt no love here
Lost my heart somewhere
I don't remember where
But I know when I through
I will leave you right there
The coldest part is
I don't even care

My heart aint broken
Cold world, tears frozen
No time to thaw out, im too far out
I've been through a lot
Bullet nearly pierced my heart
I'm still alive ,can't feel a lot
I am a Robot
Ro-bo-o-o-o-ot x 4

Tears cried me a river
But im walking on water
Kept my feelings inside
Now im feeling like a hoarder
He was in love,
But I made him a martyr
He wanted more of me
When he knew it would mean murder

Does it count as murder
If my heart is out of order
I ripped out his heart
Some would say that he was slaughtered
no evidence can support it
I will never be reported
Don't bother to call the cops
I am a Robot
Ro-bo-o-o-o-ot x 4

I don't know why you love me
You wanna know the real me
You just wanna save me
But I don't want you to save me

Found the vocals with the auto tune effects (or whatever voice synth app used) very cool.

Lyrics Saebella Performance Saebella
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