Song Length 2:38 Genre Rap - General, Pop - Dance
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Dance, Fun
Language English Era 2000 and later


I Flex
Flex again then I Add the prefix
Like Re-flex
I re-flex x2 (ay ay ay ay)
Re re re flex x4

Thought I was falling for a minute
Had to catch my limb
Caught it real quick like Michael Vick
Ohh boy, I'm doing well, but my reflex game sick
Its Saebella, yea you know
But do he know,
who he messing with
you talking to a Champ
I can make a boy trip
like I throw banana peels
or like I use the banana clip
Cause a real fire drill
I ain't got no chill
Horror flick like Amityville
Run you over with my wheels
This might be, overkill (?)
But I flex
Do It again double time
Bust a move
When I flex
Go natural
I don't even think
its retarded
like re re re re re re
I Flex
Then Flex again then I Add the prefix
Re re re flex x 4
Got milk?
You Want beef ?
No indeed
Dude how?
I got milk, go mad cow
You need some milk
You bugging out
Boy ciao
I do karate
Like pow powpowpow
Shhh ...
you hear that sound?
That's you going down

If they come up in my face ill strike a pose like Heisman
Don't blame me my reflexes never ever make mistakes
You slipping get a grip
You ain't got no reflexes
Watch me while I do this x2

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