You Make it Easier

Song Length 4:00 Genre Pop - Rock


You Make It Easier

The way this day has gone
I think I should have stayed in bed
It's lasting way too long
And I've got an aching in my head
I wish I could go back
And undo what has been done
I feel I can't change what I've begun

But when I see you I don't know how
But I get a feeling I can work it all out

Cause you make it easier
To keep moving on
You make it easier
When all hope is gone
You know the right words
To help me understand
Whatever I face in this world
You'll be holding my hand
You make it easier

It's hard to pick up pieces
When you don't know where they are
There's got to be reasons
For the way lifes gone so far
It seems like everything I do
Doesn't end up working out
My mind is filled with so much doubt

To feel your touch
Means so much
To see your smile
Makes it all good for awhile
And even if your down
You somehow turn it around

Lyrics Rob Palombo Music Rob Palombo

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