Felt So Right

Song Length 3:45 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


She came over friday night
Said she needed to clear her mind
It was a bad week for her
It was a long week for sure

So we drove down to the coast
Threw down a blanket and took off our clothes
Spent the rest of the night
having some fun and drinking a bottle of wine...

Felt so right just you and me
Spending lots of time doing nothing at all
Staring at the sky and just trying to leave
Everything behind for a little while ... Felt so right right

She's got a beautiful mind passions in her heart
But don't take her for the ditzy kind though she can play the part
Most of the time she's like water in the desert She's an angel sent down from heaven
She makes everything better
She makes everyone better...

We got home saturday morning
She said she had to be going
But when we kissed goodbye
She stayed awhile...

Lyrics Rob Palombo Music R Palombo

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