This Could Never Last

Song Length 4:05 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Another night I am alone
Darkness fills my home
I stare out into the sky
I wonder why we had to fight

Maybe we've taken it too fast
Maybe if we step outside ourselves
Take a look and try to understand
How to make this last

Days turned into nights
Months turned into years
Times gone by much too fast
And it's become all too clear
This could never last

We shared our hearts we shared our lives
Right from the start I felt it was right
We sacrificed so much
Maybe too much

But when you said you wanted to leave
I started thinking this is a dream
But when you walked outside the door
My heart fell to the floor...

Sharing so much giving so much
Building our faith showing our trust
To wake up one day and then throw it all away
Where was your heart right from the start

Like a switch that turnes on a light
I had a thought I knew was right
The answer was always there
I was willing you were not
I'll walk away and carry on

Lyrics Rob Palombo Music R. Palombo

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