Sing Me a Sweet Song

Story Behind The Song

During my performances in Second Life, I hear so many people mentioning what a hard day they've had. I wrote this over the course of the day, Monday, 1/26/09. It just happened. I have no understanding of why. It started forming in my mind on my way to work. By noon, I figured I'd better start writing it down. By Midnight, it was mostly done. I only added the break at the end later on Tuesday, just berfore my gig in SL (at 8pm). But, being written is far from being done :-)

Song Description

There are two people here: the entertainer and an overworked woman. The verse tells of the entertainer and his watching the group. The chorus tells of the woman's feelings to find relaxation through a "sweet song."

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Stressed Subject General, Sleep, Tired, Fatigued
Language English Era 2000 and later


V1: I've been singing my songs from show to show
Just to tell some folks my tales.
Some are about me and my girl
and some of froggies and snails.

And most want to dance, and some want romance
and some want a slow striptease.
But, every once in a while I hear
A quiet voice saying "Please .... "

C: Sing, Sing, Sing ... Sing me a sweet song.
Sing, Sing, Sing ... and sweep me away.
'Cause I've been on my feet and I'm totally beat.
And I'm feeling quite hassled and stressed.
So Sing, Sing, Sing ... and give my sweet soul some rest.

V2: It's trying to meet all those deadlines on time,
And rushing around everywhere.
Grabbing a quick lunch and running
Not even taking a chair.

And it's things for your tummy and things for your head.
Now you're out here to find some peace.
And, I see you there at the table.
And your eyes are telling me "Please .."

C: --

BK: I just want my mind to travel the line
Between here and a distant star.
To dance on top of a moonbeam
Or travel to places a-far.

C -

End: Sing, Sing, Sing ... Sing me a sweet song.
Sing, Sing, Sing ... and give my sweet soul some rest.

Lyrics Ray Pascoe, Jr. Music Ray Pascoe, Jr.
Producer Ray Pascoe, Jr. Publisher Ray Pascoe, Jr.
Performance Ray Pascoe, Jr.

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