Je Suis l'Amour

Story Behind The Song

This is the first song I wrote from a short story. But, first, I was preparing for a trip to France when the phrase "je suis l'amour" popped into my mind. But, nothing much more would come, except the chords and melody. That was finished quickly. So, I took my guitar with me that next weekend to our friends cabin. Having no luck, I decided to write a short story about this man and woman encounter. And, voila! A song happened.

Song Description

A man stand alone at night watching the river. A woman comes by. They meet. They talk. They laugh. They love. She takes him around the country side, showing him the sights. She leaves. He is alone again, but with his memories.

Song Length 5:00 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Pleasant Subject Falling in Love, History, Past
Language English Era 2000 and later


V1: A quiet walk along the Seine.
I was out to breathe the Paris evening air.
The clouds were thick like it could rain.
I was alone and didn't care.

The sound of foot steps to my right.
She came near and stood there for a time.
Her walnut hair streamed beneath the light
And her eyes met mine.

C: "Je suis l'amour. Je suis l'amour."
These words still linger on my mind.
She was love, but so much more,
And for a while she was mine.

V2: For a time we'd simply meet
At that same spot and hear the waters lap.
Soon, we'd find a quiet place to eat
And talk and laugh.

One night she touched my hand and asked
If I would come and stay until the break of day.
And she was in my arms and in my dreams.
And I would hear her say ...


V3: For weeks we'd tour the countryside.
She taught me of the land. How I loved her so.
But,then one day she said, with a sigh,
She had to go.

It's been awhile since she left.
I still stand here waiting by the Seine.
The evening chill reveals my breath
And I hear her softly say ...

(chorus) Outro...
And for a time, a precious time,
I was hers and she was mine.

Lyrics Ray Pascoe, Jr. Music Ray Pascoe, Jr.
Producer Ray Pascoe, Jr. Performance Ray Pascoe, Jr.

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