01. Got No Soul

Song Length 3:18 Genre Rap - General, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed Subject Murder, Rape, Existence
Similar Artists Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash Language No Language
Era 2000 and later


Got No Soul

With a briefcase full of promise and a suitcase full of dreams
She came wandering through the vineyard tasting other star machines
Got the talent of a tigress with a flytrap mind for law
She's a goddess in the bedroom but never shows her flaws

Little momma meister's hand controls the gun (got no soul)
Little brother meister shoots the holy one (got no one)
Never meant to kill him street cred was the goal (got no soul)
Little momma meister lives without a soul (repeat)

Leave me wanting leave me haunting leave me drowning in despair
Let me catch up let me fess up act as if you couldn't care
Help me borrow more tomorrows cause I've found mine are worn out
And the fabric of the magic makes my blisters scream and shout

(repeat chorus)

There seems to be a tear inside the fabric of the muse
When the holler of the caller is the one who lights the fuse

(repeat chorus)

Artist was riding the track music

Different like music should be.

Well lets go speak bro speak

sounds like a story book.

This song was refreshingly funny and creative. I had a few laughs listening to it. I really like the hook and the actual lyrics to the song. The style of delivery was unexpected and unconventional but it somehow worked for it's entertainment purposes.

Sick! Quirky and great!

I like the man's voice

quality of recording good

Good sounding track, I like the sound effects that match the lyrical content. Good arrangement skills, I can hear clear sections and they are put together well. Not over done or underdone.

Lyrics Rapazzi Music Rapazzi
Producer Rapazzi Publisher Dreambusters (ASCAP, BMI)
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