Rapazzi Too 02. Truth Keeper

Song Length 3:16 Genre Jazz - General, Jazz - Bebop


Keeper of the Truth

His warnings are inscrutable
His mysteries profound
A child devoid of principles
Unfettered and unbound
He grew beyond eternity
Was understood by all
The teacher of the universe
Stood proud and he stood tall

The keeper of the truth he is
With wisdom flowing free
Even fawning birds and foe
Bow to his majesty
Mankind no longer has to wait
To see why we're alive
All the answers on display
Truth's Keeper has arrived

Far beyond bigotry
Intolerance and hate
Impatient over ignorance &
Using fear as bait
Collectively inspiring
Consensus as a tool
Shutting out adversity
Changing all the rules

(repeat chorus)

Instrumental break

(repeat chorus)

Lyrics Rapazzi Music Rapazzi
Producer Rapazzi Publisher Rapazzi
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