Artist/Writer/Entertainer/Producer. Born, March 19, 1982, down South and still reside in Waco, Texas. Going by the name, Ms. Mizery. Representing the struggle and pain that she has to remain strong thru. Ms. Mizery, being the tomboy that she is, hung around her "older male" cousins. Who often gathered in a group to "freestyle" some "raps" Ms. Mizery quickly caught on and found herself the center of attention. That following school season, she was in the 6th grade, she wrote her "first" rap down. Excitedly, rapped the verse to her classmate who had an "Í'm amazed" look. She kept writing. Until in 1999 she recorded a solo album called "Texas Bound" which released Jan. of the year 2000. Shortly afterward, Ms. Mizery released a E.P. "A Underestimated Hustler." Ms. Mizery is currently working on another solo album, following the L.P. that is in the making. Ms. Mizery is a unsigned unmanaged female rap artist who strives to succeed in her goal, being a PAID MUSIC ARTIST!
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Valerie Prussak
over 30 days ago to Ms. Mizery

Thanks for your review, All the best with your writing!

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